Our Mission

The overall mission of our project is to give people control over their own homes. Our goal is to provide control people can understand and trust, for the privacy they want and security they need.

As increasingly connected devices enter our homes to improve our quality of life they bring with them new risks to our lives which we can hardly image. Where before we had a few internet connected devices and were cautious with them, today we own a plethora of devices with invisible opportunities for hackers to target for malicious use.

Be it toys that talk to our children, or tracking devices that help us find our keys, or smart appliances that provides all new ways of using our living spaces – each brings concerns, risks, and potential openings that only specialized and creative minds secure.

Our research goal is to discover openings in your security before the wrong people do and close them before misuse takes place. Our advocacy goal is to work with industry to reduce the risks in new products before the reach market. Our education goal is to increase the awareness in the populace about the risks that come with these newer generations of technologies that we all will soon live with.